Welcome to the Union High School Choir Program

This website contains info for students & parents for the Union High School Choir program


Chamber Choir for 2017-18

Soprano I
Rachael Babilon
Morgan Brown
Alexa Crofts
Allyson Green
Cambree Morgan
McKenna Sork
Soprano II
Alaina Bryce
Rachelanne Egan
Lilly Morris
Sydney Ogata
Brynlee Shoemaker
Elizabeth Zundel
Alto I
Cassidy Dustin
Elise Lindhorst
Callie Mills
Paige Munsey
Kyra Pierce
Taylor Torres
Alto II
Apoiliu Atuaia
Emily Baumann
Ani Illuri
Riley McKibbin
Melissa Penland
Brandy Smith
Tenor I
Jack Brachman
Jordan Kronstad
Keegan McDonald
Brandon Orellana
Alix Orihuela
Tanner Toolson
Tenor II
Kotlon Cannon
Derek Lowrie
Aaron Mueller
Andrew Rushing
Andrew Stotz
Joseph Tijerina
Bass I
Reagan Bluth
Sean Cox
Shane Davis
Jensen Flanary
Caleb Foskett
Spencer Jackson
Zach Spencer
Bass II
Hunter Christopherson
Ayden Crocker
Isaac Cushman
Noah Richards
Tristan Songer
Devin Vitug

Website Pages Summary

  • The Calendar page contains information on upcoming events.
  • The Forms & Info page contains links to forms that assist the band boosters in supporting the program throughout the year, as well as how to stay connected to the happenings of the choir on various social media sites.
  • The Fundraisers page has information on current and past fundraisers – this provides students & parents an opportunity to raise funds to cover choir participation and tour fees.
  • The Multimedia page provides links to photos, audio, and video of choir performances for the current as well as past years.
  • The Uniform & Fees page contains information on choir uniforms and proper care, as well as payment options for the choir uniform/participation fee.
  • The Contact Us and About Us pages provide information about the band boosters and options to connect with them.