Welcome to the Union High School Choir Program


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Hello! We anticipate you will find participation in the program to be educational, fulfilling and fun. Please fill out the Contact Information Form with both student and parent info. We will periodically send emails regarding upcoming events, trips, and other important information to you.

If you are interested in volunteering with choir events, programs, or concerts please fill out the Volunteer Opportunities Form. We look forward to working together to make this year a wonderful experience for our choir students.

As part of Union Choir, students are required to pay a uniform/participation fee. The new student fee is $100; returning students pay $50. Please make checks payable to Union Choir Boosters and pay at any IQ Credit Union by Oct. 12, 2016.  More information regarding uniforms and payment options is available on the Uniforms Care & Fees page.

The Union Choir Boosters do offer scholarships for students needing help covering the costs of their fee. The Scholarship Application Form must be completed in full and received by Oct. 12, 2016 in order to be processed prior to the Fall Concert.

Students will receive their choir uniforms in class on October 13 if uniform/participation fees have been paid in full.

As you may know, Evergreen School District is no longer charging class fees. Students are not required to make any payments to ASB in order to participate in choir. This change has resulted in a considerable loss of funding for the Union choir program. In future years, the Union Choir Boosters may need to increase the participation fee in order to help fund the choir program and maintain the high quality choral education that we have enjoyed since opening our doors 10 years ago.

Again welcome to the Union Choir. We are very glad you are here and anxious to help make this a wonderful experience for you!