Oct 172016

Organizer: Jessica Doyle fundraising@unionchoir.org
Duration: Oct. 13 – Nov. 4
Fundraiser Type: Individual – money earned will go toward choir fees and tour costs (Chamber and Select Treble students may participate)

Oct 162013

Organizer: Jessica Doyle fundraising@unionchoir.org
Duration:  Varsity Football Season
Fundraiser Type: Individual – Used for Tour costs for all touring students

If you and/or your parents are interested in working concessions, contact the organizer noted above or use the Contact Us page to be included in the email list. 

Aug 302013

Organizer:  Jessica Doyle  fundraising@unionchoir.org
Duration: September 2nd – 16th, 2016
Fundraiser Type: Individual – Used for Uniform/Participation Fee and Tour Costs (all choirs may participate)

All money and unsold books are due back on the last date noted above!


Aug 012013

Organizer: TBD
Duration: Ticket sales likely during winter break. 
Fundraiser Type: General/Individual – Used for Tour costs for Chamber, Select Mens and Select Treble