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On March 8, 2011, Avalon Drew Ligman left us behind and joined a more heavenly choir.

Avalon has been part of the choir program family at Union since the doors opened in 2007. His “lucky” bald head was the cornerstone of the Men’s ensemble winning 3 state championships in a row. With Avalon’s help, that same ensemble is heading to state again this year to once again defend their title.
You will be missed by all, my friend, and we will always remember you.

A Candle light remembrance was held on Thursday March 10th at Fisher Basin Park. Thank you to all that turned out to share your memories and stories of Avalon. Photos of this are below.

A “Celebration of Life” service was held on Saturday, March 12th at LifePoint Church followed by a reception at the LDS Vancouver East Stake Center. It was a beautiful service with singing by the UHS chamber choir and men’s ensemble, stories from family and friends, an some videos to help us remember all the good times we had with Avalon.

Many good memories are posted on Avalon’s Facebook Page

Audio Recording of Avalon

Video Recordings of Avalon on YouTube:

Avalon “Celebration of Life” video (Original version played on Saturday March 12th with additional childhood photos added)

Avalon “Celebration of Life” video (alternate version with Chamber Choir Audio):

  • A new alternate version of the Avalon video has been prepared for viewing below or on YouTube (this version replaces the background music with music performed by the Chamber Choir in Feb. at PLU)

The following Wordle was created from all the posts made on this page and Avalon’s Facebook page

Celebration of Life Service (March 12, 2011)

The Candle Light Remembrance (March 10, 2011)
Photos of Avalon

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  1. I’ll never forget the annual head-shaving ritual. Avalon certainly knew how to rally the group with this one little crazy act.

  2. I’ll never forget how Avalon would always sleep in the practice rooms, or when he fell into the water in Canada, or his poncho, or how he made me rub his head before a performance lol, or how he was always singing something.. even in english I would be doing my work and could hear him singing sarba across the classroom 🙂

  3. I remember checking in on his room at last year’s Seattle tour. He had done some “creative rewiring” to bypass the hotel’s lock on the pay-to-play X-box so everyone could get their game on! The Halo wars were epic (and I was schooled hard!).

    He also went to extremes to buy flowers for my daughter, Shayna, and arranged a short song for he and the guys to sing to her as a way to ask her to prom. This resulted in one of my favorite pictures and his efforts spoke volumes to Shayna’s mom and I.

    He was a good kid, well on his way to becoming a good man, and it saddens me deeply that I will never get to know him any better than I do now.

  4. I remember when he wore his renaissance shirt. He looked so crazy, but hilarious in it. He wore it with pride!

  5. I’ll always remember Avalon’s lucky bald head and rubbing it for good luck before every competition, or him falling in the water in Canada.

  6. I will always remember him pulling out his guitar in Freshmen World History class with Shoup. Whenever he had time or Shoup would give us free time, he would play and sing songs with his graceful voice to all of us girls!
    I will always remember him for his smile.
    It saddens me I will not know him any better. We sat fairly close in CWI and I always passed his papers back to him.
    I hope our link memories will be brought to you through spirit. 🙂

  7. this is just the most saddest thing i ever herd at our school including the Rachel challenge. i don’t know the guy but its just so sad for what happen to him. this goes out to all of you guys who actually knew him and was close to him, i’m very very sorry. the only words that i can think of to say right now is sorry. i know how you all feel, i’ve been there and trust me it’s not easy. i understand. again i’m so sorry for what happen to Avalon, i feel so bad. right now i’m writing this with tears in my eyes, so i’m going to stop now.

    Avalon Ligmen
    I’M SORRY!!!!

  8. Darrick, Anthony, and I almost convinced him to moon Dave Larson’s camera during the MENC tour!!
    Ha good times 😀

  9. I dont know if anyone knew this, but he would ALWAYS wear pajamas under his clothes 🙂 Every single day:)

    Yeah…he was a stud.

  10. Men’s Ensemble, I’m shaving my head for your state performance. Avalon will be there.

  11. I am so sad for the student body and his family. My prayers go out to all of you. I know it has deeply affected my daughter and am praying you will remain strong.

  12. Please reach out to other people in your life. We may all feel lost some time and feel there is no where to turn. Please be that ear, that shoulder. Be kind to everyone. Those who are different on the outside or inside still need love and a friend. Be that someone. Make a difference Union! In loving memory to Avalon. Just a caring Mother

  13. Avalon was a wonderful young man with a kind heart. I was fortunate to get to know him in my Food Science class during first semester. Avalon was very creative and such a “natural” in the kitchen. I will always remember him and he will be truly missed.

  14. Avalon was my hero, my role model, and my best friend. He saved my life twice and got me into choir. I wish we could finish that game of Hearts we started. Thank you Avalon for the Halo War we had at the SEA Trip. You Will Be A Legend For All Basses To Come.
    Thank You My Friend.

  15. I’m a Thunder mom and I heard of your loss and it broke my heart. I want to send my condolences to Avalon’s family and Unions student body & staff. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  16. I personally didn’t know Avalon all that well but his tragic and untimely end really got to me. He seemed as though he was a thoughtful, caring, and just overall great person. Realizing that last week he was in class making jokes is just a real trip. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

    Avalon Ligman

  17. I didnt know avalon personally, but he was a friend of mine in middle school. I remember him being Pacific Middle School’s best Bari Sax Player, and to this day, his picture stands on the Pacific Middle School band wall of fame. He was a great musician to begin with, and was loved by all his teachers. Ive never seen him sad, or upset, or anything. He was always the one to Make someone smile every single time he opened his mouth. He was the life and soul of the Choir. I got to know him over the Bellevue Trip, and I am great full that i got that opportunity. I feel honored to have been able to work with such a great musician. He was a top vocalist in the entire northwest, I will never forget his contribution to the choir. He brought the choir to a whole other level. I feel Honored to have been able to work with him. He will be in my memories, and he will never be forgotten. Everytime I hear the mens ensemble song from this year, or sleep, or bogoroditse, or ave maria, i cannot help but to shed tears.

    My prayers lie with the family of Avalon, and may their souls reach peace.

    Thank you Avalon, for sharing your talent with me, and the world. I feel Honored.

    Rest in Peace Avalon. I shall never forget you.
    -Kishan Patel.

  18. The choir is like a family, and seeing one of them come to such a tragic end is heartbreaking. Chamber choir, you are all in my prayers, along with the rest of the student body.
    I’ll never forget last year on tour, watching him serenade his way to a prom date. I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had seen, and I’ll always think of it that way.
    He knew the true meaning of being part of something bigger than just himself, and shaving his head was a clear example of that.
    Rest in peace, Avalon. We all love you.

  19. Avalon was the most amazing friend any one could ask for. I will always miss my best and most dear friend

  20. I’ll never forget his smile or his laugh. He always knew how to brighten my day.

    Save a spot for me up there, buddy. Love you.

  21. Drew, I am so confused and puzzled as to why my seemingly happy friend and student would be so sad. I hope I can understand this someday. When you left Pacific you stopped and wrote a poem on my computer to say good by. You knew I had a folder of your beloved poems on my desktop. I’m leaving a copy of your poem here as I found it to be a bit comforting and I hope that others will find it so. To Drew’s family, I pray for peace in your hearts. Darlene Peery
    Here is the poem called Leaving My Heart.

    Leaving my heart

    With the season comes euphoria,

    With euphoria comes realization

    In realization, the sadness onsets

    In sorrow, the friends are strengthened,

    In strengthening, resolves are weakened

    While weak, the time has come.
    Time for leavings, time for finding
    With this time come tears that are heavy with the soul.
    Falling, ungracefully out of the eyes,
    Portals to the world to be found, discovered, known
    The brave push on, while the weak lose hope.
    My heart, my home, the time of my departing is upon us.

  22. I met Avalon really well in sixth grade. And it was because he had such a large heart. I had gotten in a fight with a friend and he saw me crying, this girl he didn’t know, and asked me simply if I was okay. I said fine, and he said that I looked like I needed a hug. I met him through a hug. And when he was younger he was shy. Unique and shy. To this day I know there is no one else like him. He had a great sense of humor, and a beautiful voice. He knew how to make anyones day better, even if he didn’t know them. I feel so blessed to have had the honor of knowing him. My heart goes out to anyone who knew him.
    Avalon, I’ve known you since you went by Drew. Even though you can’t read this I need you to know how much everyone misses you. You are so loved.

  23. It’s sad! I never knew Avon but by visited a site and heard how amasing he sings. He really had a talent and it’s sad that he left us. I was a student at Union HIgh School and also took choir, these kids have amasing talents and Avon was one of them.

  24. It’s sad! I never knew Avon but by visited a site and heard how amasing he sings. He really had a talent and it’s sad that he left us. I was a student at Union HIgh School and also took choir, these kids have amasing talents and Avon was one of them.

  25. Dear friends and family of Avalon,
    PLEASE know that all moms’ hearts are hurting so much for this huge loss. If any of us could have helped him or knew of his fragileness, we all would have helped. Carry his memories in your heart and make him proud to see you carry on. What a handsome young man… besides reading above comments… he sounded like a true friend with lots of spunk and laughter in him. He has a wonderful family, and I truly hope they can carry on in his honor. Again, PLEASE love your friends, but more than that.. reach out just a little to someone who does not have the support that you do… you may help them be stronger. Pleaes accept my condolences.. I am still crying.

  26. Too all you choir kids:
    Tonights vigil really touched all of us. I cudnt help but to let my tears out once bogoroditse started. Theres one thing to keep in mind. Avalons soul lives in that choir room. He spent alot of time in that room with all of you. He may not physically be here with us anymore, but he is here, his soul is here, in the form of that poncho. that damn poncho. =) Avalon brought the choir to a whole new level, and he would be upset if this event cause that to go down. The one thing we can do to make him happy is strive to become better and better, and keep on expanding the horizons that he helped expand during his years with us. He hasnt left us. We just have to believe. He will never leave us. Hes always here, in that choir room, sitting in the weaves of that poncho, listening to you sing, every single day.
    Hang in there choir kids. And if theres any way i can help you guys out, then please dont hesitate to ask me. Id be glad to help you all. =)

  27. It broke my heart when I found out. I was Drew’s 4th grade teacher. I was just talking about him the other day. He was so stubborn and wouldn’t ever write for me and then I taught a poetry unit. Drew loved it! From then on I couldn’t get him to stop writing. I also think of Drew every Christmas as he gave me a snow globe that year. I put it out every Christmas. Now it will mean more to me when I put it ou this next Christmas. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Much love, Mrs. Harris

  28. i met avalon my freshmen year, i walked into the practice room and he was sleeping with a hat over his face. it was really weird so i decided to take the hat off and under the hat was a book. haha. so before i could grab the book he reached out and grabbed my arm and it scared me so badd! i thought i was about to die. he looked at me with an evil look and said ” NEVER TOUCH ME”!… so i was scared, thinking im about to die. then he started laughing and said im just kidding with you man. and i was thinking this guy is crazy, he has me about to pee myself and my heart is racing. so after my heart slowed down and didnt have to pee anymore we sat in there and talked and just kinda got to know each other.
    and that was my first time meeting avalon.

    i miss ya big guy…

  29. This hurts so much..
    Of course everyone knows about the dynamic duo; KC and Avi. Years ago, Avalon became a part of my family.In my eyes, he was another sibling, and we’d even act as such.
    I remember how Avalon would tease me with the push of my older brother, KC, and how I use to snap a comment back. They’d double team me, and I’d be left tongue tied, like any little sister. Secretly, I knew they both loved me, and I loved them. Just the other week, Avalon saw me at Solo and Ensemble. He asked when and where I was performing, and when I spouted it out in excitement, I saw him smile. He promised to be there. When I walked out to the car later, he told me I did good, and that he was proud of me.I felt accomplished, and with his support and response, I began to beam.
    He made me feel so cheerful whenever he was around. He was all around an amazing person.
    When I heard the news of his death, I was heart broken, and even though there was no way for him to read it, or see it, or anything, I went on facebook and sent him a message consisting of a poem I wrote. (If it offends you, I’m greatly sorry, but both him and I did not/do not believe in God).

    Avalon, you will be greatly missed
    Let me know if Heaven exists
    Sing me a song from clouds
    To tell me you’re happy now

    If the angels don’t wanna play,
    Smile so I can see a sunny ray
    In that light, I will walk proud,
    Because holy music you have found

    I wish I had the might to pray,
    But not even on this horrid day
    I cannot find faith to wipe tears away,
    Because no matter how grim and blue,
    No worship will help living without you.

    I love you, Avi.

  30. I have never met Avalon….. I had heard about Union’s loss thru a mutual friend. I’m a parent and it’s sad to know that so many kids have so many unanswered questions and are of course grieving at such a young age. This never should happen… This is a time in life where kids are suppose to be having fun, enjoying school, enjoying friends not having to spend endless days crying over loosing such a talented boy. He was a angel as it seems he lifted everyone’s spirits and brought smiles. It’s to bad as to why and how come he would have to leave in this way. This is a time as to parents need to turn to your kids and let them know no matter what it is thats hurting them or whatever they need to talk about that you are there for them and will not judge and help them thru whatever is hurting them this made me turn to my child and do exactly this. I’m sorry that everyone is going thru this…. Avalon I only hope you are seeing how many kids are crying and hurting and wish they could turn back time and bring you back.

  31. oh the poncho….no one could have affected as many people as he did, and made so many people smile so much. he was a comedian. i honestly thought id hear about him someday when we were older, about how famous and magnificent he was because of his wonderful voice…and for his kind and loving heart.

  32. .
    To anyone who was close to Avalon, knew him, or even had a class with him, know that you had the honor in knowing an absolutely wonderful person. I was in the chamber choir family that he was most definitely a part of, and the Bach Festival family that we made this summer. Words can’t even express the agony I feel in losing my close and dear brother. My heart aches, and I can’t seem to get that poncho, that enormous smile, and that contageous laugh out of my head. He made such an impact on my life in this past summer and throughout this year. He had all the potential in the world, and i’ll forever regret not telling him how much he had to offer this world. Please pray for his family, his best friends, our chamber choir who was so close to him, and pray for my dad as Avalon was a son to him. Rest in absolute peace my friend; i’ll see you in due time. Until then, you better be singing in heaven. The world didn’t get a chance to hear enough of your rockin’ baritone voice :]


  33. I don’t know where to begin….or end. I miss your infectious smile, your wonderful sense of humor, your incredible musical abilities, your warm baritone voice, and your unique ability to meet everyone right where they are at and make them feel comfortable. I am not going to sugar coat this…losing you hurts. It hurts real bad. However, I can take some comfort in knowing that many, many people around me feel just like I do, and together we will somehow get through this.

    As a teacher, it is a privilege and joy to watch young people grow and learn, watch them move on, and see what kind of adults they become. Sadly, I will never get that opportunity with you. Instead, I will choose to cling to all the wonderful memories that I have of you in our four years together. Your smile and that bald head of yours are indelibly burned into my brain. The sound of your voice and your sensitivity to the subtle nuances of music are forever a part of my soul, and I thank you for that. Love you Avalon. See you in the bass section someday. Mr. I.

  34. I always remember that even if it was early morning before school started, he would always have a smile on his face, and a joke or funny comment to tell you. He was friendly towards everyone- so if you ever saw him in the hallways, he would smile and say “hey”. He was a great guy to just have around, he could really make your day soo much better. His voice was heavenly to listen to. He could always get me or my friends out of our slumps. you will be missed dude! <3

  35. I really enjoyed having you in my classes Avalon, and just spending time with you at Union. Such a kind, thoughtful, creative person. Always smiling. Such a writer & thinker with an amazing future ahead. It makes me so very sad that you don’t get to discover that future here with us. I am praying for you, your family, and your friends & teachers, and I am praying that other young people here in our community will not make the tragic mistake you did, that they will reach out to others and find a way to make it through to their future. You will be very missed.

  36. Im very sorry for what happen to him. i never really got to know him! but i always saw such a happy person walking down the halls. ..but still heart goes out to all of those with weeping hearts.

  37. condolence out to the family

  38. Its been a week, but it feels like it happened yesterday…i’m trying very hard to be strong…
    ill be honest, i’m filled with regret. before i graduated, i spent two years with you and only barely got to know you. you were still one of those people everyone knew and cared about, someone who could bring anyone back up after the day had brought them down….
    i blame myself. everyday i saw you in passing. every single day. i always thought “hes such a nice guy. i should get to know him…” but i never did. i hate to have to say i know you better now then i ever have and you’re not here for me to show it to you…..
    …i saw you every day…..for two years…..
    and the most i ever said to you was “hi.”
    ….you always asked me how i was, how me and Adam were doing….
    ….Adam probably got to know you the most….you sat next to him every day in physics class, talked with him, debated with him, goofed off….made him smile…..he never left that class not smiling. ever.
    …..all i said was hi. that’s all i said……
    i can say that because of you I’ve grown to appreciate the ones i love, and cherish them now more than ever. I’ve reached back out to people i’ve lost contact with, hoping i can in some way redeem myself, and somehow make you happy again…
    …i always thought you’d be famous. i always expected to turn on my radio or American Idol and hear or see you there someday….you were truly the best. i’ve tried so hard to feel a sense of closer, but i feel like it’s impossible because of the limited amount of info available…..
    it’s one thing to lose a friend from a fatal accident. you’re life is taken from you.
    it’s another to see someone every day, the happiest guy in the world who had everything, who could always make you laugh…someone you said hi to…and find out the next day that they took their own life.
    i wish i could have done something, done more….i wish i would have said more than hi….i only said hi. That is one thing i’ll never be able to forgive myself for.
    I will try my best to redeem myself Avalon. I will do my best to make you proud. I will. i will say more than “hi.”
    Una Voce Forever. You and your family and friends will always be in my heart.
    I love you Avalon.