District Solo and Ensemble – February 26th, 2011



Select Men’s Ensemble – State
Natalie Parks – Mezzo Soprano – State
Christina Arroyo – Soprano – State
Taylor Iverson – Alto – State 

Select Women’s Ensemble – 1st Alternate
Chamber Choir (Red) – 1st Alternate
Men’s Quartet – 1st Alternate
Mixed Quartet – 1st Alternate 

Chamber Choir (Black) – 2nd Alternate
Women’s Quartet – 2nd Alternate
Carson Wilson – Soprano – 2nd Alternate
Brenden Larson – Tenor – 2nd Alternate 

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Unfortunately, I was not able to record audio and video for vocal solos by Christina Arroyo, Katie Burbank, and Madison Thompson. 


Chamber Red1
Chamber Red2
Chamber Red3
Chamber Black1
Chamber Black2
Chamber Black3
Select Women1
Select Women2
Select Women3
Select Men1
Select Men2
Select Men3
Select Treble1
Select Treble2
Concert Choir Women1
Concert Choir Women2
Mixed Quartet
Mens Quartet1
Mens Quartet2
Womens Quartet1
Womens Quartet2
Natalie Parks1
Natalie Parks2
Taylor Iverson1
Taylor Iverson2
Carson Wilson1
Carson Wilson2
Brenden Larson1
Brenden Larson2
Taylor Wilhelmson1
Taylor Wilhelmson2
Christina Arroyo Piano



Chamber Choir – Red
Chamber Choir – Black
Select Men’s Ensemble
Select Women’s Ensemble
Select Treble
Concert Choir Women
Mixed Quartet
Men’s Quartet
Women’s Quartet
Taylor Iverson
Natalie Parks
Carson Wilson
Brenden Larson
Taylor Wilhelmsonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNXbdp6Cbpc
Christina Arroyo Piano