Farewell Concert – June 1st, 2011


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01 Dance on My Heart
02 The Green Man
03 Hail Holy Queen (from Sister Act)
04 Rise up o Men of God
05 A Capital Ship
06 Mingulay Boat Song
07 I’s the B’y
08 Hold Me, Rock Me
09 City Called Heaven
10 Nigra Sum
11 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
12 Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
14 Byker Hill
15 Lament of a Fisher’s Wife
16 Viva L’Amour
17 Lean on Me
18 Camptown Races
19 Christ the Apple Tree
20 Abela Sajan



Chamber Choir
Men’s Quartet
Select Men’s 1 of 2
Select Men’s 2 of 2
Select Treble 1 of 2
Select Treble 2 of 2
Concert Choir 1 of 2
Concert Choir 2 of 2
Men’s Symphonic
Women’s Symphonic

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