NYC Tour – March 30 thru April 4, 2011


For logistics information about the 2011 NYC tour, go to the 2011 NYC Tour Logistics Page


Videos are posted on their own page: NYC Videos


Audio Recordings are posted on their own page: NYC Audio


These same photos and a handful more can be found on the UnionChoir Facebook page

Map of our Tour

Twitter update: To receive our tweets on your mobile phone, text FOLLOW UNIONCHOIR to 40404. If you stop receiving tweets, send ON to 40404 to make sure your tweets are turned on (several Verizon Wireless subscribers reported having to do this). After tour, text LEAVE UNIONCHOIR to 40404 to stop receiving our tweets.

  18 Responses to “NYC Tour – March 30 thru April 4, 2011”

  1. Only 2 days until tour!

  2. 24 hours until tour!

  3. Dave,

    Thanks so much for setting this up, its awewsome!

  4. Dave what a great idea~this will sure be neat for our family to track us!

  5. You should be up and away by now! Have a great time you guys and thanks for the fun way to keep updated on the trip.
    God Bless!

  6. Thank you for making this trip action packed. I wish I could have gone! My son (Joseph) sent me a picture from the Continental terminal this AM and Miranda Cosgrove was there (I Carly) what a way to start the day!

  7. This is great watching the bus go to the Hotel in New Jersey from the airport. Freaked out my son when I called him and told him which hwy he was on and what speed limit the driver was going. This is fantastic!

  8. Glad I’m not the only parent following along. Thank you for the link!!

  9. Oh I’m TOTALLY stalking them! It’s pretty fun! hehe

  10. Glad you guys are enjoying it. We are about to head out to Ellen’s Stardust Diner and then the Empire State Building.

  11. What a great way to include everyone back home! We hope everyone continues to enjoy the fun…these are great memories!

  12. have a fantastic night….lots of pics please…xoxo

  13. SO COOL!!!! Looks like I’m not the only parents who wishes I could’ve gone!! You guys did a GREAT job setting up an amazing trip for our kids…THANK YOU.

  14. I ran out of time this morning to post yesterday’s photos here, but you can find them on the UnionChoir facebook page at

  15. Hey Dave remember to have somone take your picture, I know what it is like to always be the one behind the scenes, we need to see your smiling face too!

  16. Dave, you are a man after my own heart taking all those pictures!! Usually I’m the one taking lots of photos & my kids are so sick of me at the end of our trip, but now they can give their comments to you! However, I truly think they’ll love all the “documentation” of their trip. We sure have enjoyed tracking them & sharing w/ family & friends. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! hope you’re getting some time w/ Deanne to enjoy yourselves too!!

  17. Dave:
    Thank you for all your pictures, as my daughter all of a sudden has forgotten how to use her phone camera. I hope your able to enjoy yourself also, as this trip looks like it has been alot of fun. One question, Is the skyscraper with the flat roof the new tower one at ground zero?

  18. Thanks David. Yes, the trip has been fun and the students have been great. In the ground zero photo, I believe the new tower one is the one being constructed on the left and the new tower 2 is the one in the center of the photo also under construction. I believe the one on the right was already there (although repaired after the damage)…this information is courtesy of Dani Billings:-)