Grotto – December 16th, 2011


This year, the Select Treble Choir, Select Men’s Choir, and Chamber Choir performed at the Portland Grotto “Festival of Lights”.

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01 Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day – Select Men’s Choir
02 Bashana Haba’ah – Select Men’s Choir
03 Go Tell it on the Mountain – Select Men’s Choir
04 Psalm 100 – Select Treble Choir
05 Candlelight Carol – Select Treble Choir
06 Children Go Where I Send Thee – Select Treble Choir
07 Carpenters of God – Chamber Choir
08 A Basque Lullaby – Chamber Choir
09 Gloria – Chamber Choir, featuring JT Harpel (where’s JT?!? He’s definitely been found!)
10 Christ the Appletree – Chamber Choir
11 Christmas Bells – Chamber Choir




Grotto Performance

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