Regional Solo and Ensemble Videos – March 1st, 2014


Chamber Choir (Mixed Vocal-Large) Select Women’s Ensemble (Women’s Vocal-Large) Select Men’s Ensemble (Men’s Vocal-Large) Mixed Quartet (Mixed Vocal-Small) Women’s Quartet (Women’s Vocal-Small) Women’s Trio (Women’s Vocal-Small) Men’s Quartet – Black (Men’s Vocal-Small) Men’s Quartet – Red (Men’s Vocal-Small) Amanda Sukonik (Soprano) Bailey White (Tenor) Chance Duitman (Tenor) Demi Nance (Mezzo Soprano) This is Demi’s performance at “Chamber Music Night” on February 25th since the Regional performance was cut short due to a mistake by the timekeeper. Demi’s regional performance can still be seen at Emily Jackson (Mezzo Soprano) Hannah Nystrom (Alto) Jillian Campbell (Soprano) Jonny Collier (Baritone) Jordan Camp (Baritone) Kaylee Loubey (Soprano) Noah Cole (Baritone) Oliva Aurich (Soprano) Sabrina Larson (Alto) Sammy Collier (Baritone) Synthia Gifford (Alto)