Uniform Care & Fees


Proper Care of Choir Uniforms

Men’s cleaning instructions:

  • White shirts: you are expected to wash and dry white shirts after each use, treating all stains and armpit areas as needed. They can be washed and dried in your machine. If you take them out and hang them up immediately they should need little to no ironing.
  • Jacket and Pants: DRY CLEAN ONLY. Do not wash them in your machines at home. Tuxedos that have been machine washed are easy to spot. They will be “damaged out” and students will be charged the cost to purchase a new tuxedo. We will collect the tuxes at the end of the year to have them dry cleaned. If they need to be laundered in the meantime, please take them to a reputable dry cleaner. DO NOT IRON directly on the pants and jacket fabric. If they wrinkle you can steam them or iron them by placing a piece of cloth between the iron and the tuxedo fabric.

Women’s cleaning instructions:

  • Dresses may be washed separately on a delicate cycle and dried on low heat. If you take it out from the dryer and hang it up immediately you will not need to iron them. If they get wrinkled DO NOT IRON directly on the dress. You can steam them or iron them by placing a piece of cloth between the iron and the dress fabric.
  • DO NOT ALTER THE DRESS IN ANY WAY.  If hemming is needed, please see your uniform coordinator.

Fee for Choir Uniform/Participation

Pay by Check

Payment for the uniform/participation fee can be made by depositing a check into the Union Choir Booster Account at any IQ Credit Union. You can also mail it to the address listed below.

  • Make payable to Union Choir Boosters
  • Include the student’s name
  • Include payment details on the memo line (such as “participation/uniform payment”)

Mailing address:
IQ Credit Union
attn: Fisher’s Landing Branch
PO Box 1739
Vancouver, WA 98668

Pay using Paypal

Payment can be made via Paypal using your credit card, bank account info (electronic check), or Paypal account. Payment made via Paypal will require an additional amount to cover their required transaction fee (2.2% + $0.30)

At this time, we do not have the ability to accept variable payment amounts. If you wish to submit a payment for an amount not listed, please do so by check.

Fee payment selection:

Student infoFirst name:   Last name: